Columbia Practice

CUTKD facilitates four weekly practices teaching the basic techniques of modern WT-Style Taekwondo. By participating you can increase your strength, flexibility, coordination and general fitness.


Westside Practice

Our members have the opportunity to attend weekly color-belt and black-belt poomsae practice at Westside Taekwondo, the school of our head instructor, Master Lim.


Belt Tests

Each semester, CUTKD offers two belt tests for color belts to increase their belt level! To qualify to take the belt test, you need to participate in a certain number of CUTKD practices.



CUTKD competes in a number of tournaments each year. Participating in tournaments is a rewarding experience for our members, as they get to cheer on their teammates, meet athletes from other schools and showcase all they've learned since joining CUTKD!



As one of the most prominent martial arts groups on campus with diverse group of members, CUTKD demonstrates our skills and teamwork in many culture shows and on-campus events.

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Social Events

CUTKD holds a number of social events for current members and alumni throughout the school year. You can make close friends and find your community here at CUTKD, so please come by!