Donate to CUTKD

To fully benefit from practicing Taekwondo, CUTKD competes in tournaments across the naton.

With your contributions, we can send more passionate members to compete at Nationals and ECTC tournaments, showing off the skilss we've worked so hard to practice. 100% of the proceeds go directly toward the club. Thank you for your generosity!


1. Use the link "Donate" below.
2. Please type "Tae Kwon Do Club Gift" in the search bar.
3. Then fill out your personal info and click NEXT
4. Finally, review your donation, enter your payment info, and click NEXT to submit your donation.
5. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.


1. Make check out to “Columbia University”
2. In the memo, write “Donation to Tae Kwon Do Club”.
3. Mail check to 3030 Broadway, MC 1923, New York, NY 10027.