2022 CUTKD Board


Katherine Samuel



Kelly Warner

Vice President


Jeremy Suh



Leyla Unsal



Aidan McCullen

Registration Chair


Femme Sutivong

Publicity Chair




Catherine Zhao

Barnard 2018 and Columbia SEAS 2019

When I joined as a white belt in freshman year, I would not imagine the impact it would have on me. I have been able to make friendships with people within the Columbia community; gain leadership experience by leading a club with over 60 members; and travel to Korea representing the United States. Columbia club sports will make a lasting impact for me.


Sophia Chan

Current PhD student in Columbia SEAS

Joining Columbia Taekwondo was one of the best decisions of my life. I originally joined to battle my anxiety and force myself to exercise, but in the past three years, I've made so many friends across the country and trained with so many teams under high quality instructors. I've learned so much about competing not just as a team but as an individual, pushing my limits, dealing with my anxiety, and loving my body. I can't imagine life without CUTKD.


Heidi Hai

Columbia College 2019

Taekwondo Club was an indispensable part of my CC journey. Because of the friendly and welcoming environment, I felt comfortable practicing a seemingly intimidating form of sports. I enjoyed every single moment of the practices and looked forward to competing in every tournament. Doing taekwondo kept me healthy and helped me de-stress whenever there were papers and exams coming up. Not only did I become better at the sport, but importantly, I met and bonded with many individuals, with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, sharing this same passion for taekwondo in the club. Travelling for tournaments allowed me to connect with hobbyists on college campuses around the US. CUTKD was an invaluable experience.